460 Sliding Patio Door

460 Sliding Patio Door

460 Sliding Patio Door

The 460 vinyl sliding patio door opens up a home to outdoor living spaces and more daylight, while energy-efficient glass options help lower energy use and keep your home comfortable.

With one fixed and one operating door panel, the 2-panel sliding patio door allows you to select a right or left opening door panel to best fit your home’s floor plan.


Dependable Strength. Deep multi-chambered frame design increases durability and weather resistance.

Smooth Operation. Roller system allows the door panel to open and close smoothly.

Retrofit with Maximum Daylighting. Custom sizing allows you to replace your existing doors without decreasing your viewing area.

Easy Installation. Panels are reversible, even after the door is installed.

Classic Color Options. Choose from three base colors to coordinate with your home’s existing design.

Reliable Performance. Precision-crafted doors are designed to glide open, lock, help protect your home and enhance your life.

Enhanced Curb Appeal. Between-the-glass grilles in architecturally-inspired patterns make it easy to enhance your home’s exterior.

Save Energy. The 460 sliding patio door offers energy-efficient glass packages that can be tailored for where you live to help lower heating and cooling costs and keep your home comfortable during any season.

Insect and Moisture-resistance. Baffled weep system helps keep insects out while allowing water to quickly drain.

Peace of Mind. A Limited Lifetime Warranty and 15-year glass warranty provides comforting peace of mind. See the 460 Sliding Patio Door warranty for complete details.