West 400 Series Single Hung Window

West 400 Series Single Hung Window

Make your home brighter and more inviting and the environment a little greener with American-made 400 series windows that provide the style, comfort and energy efficiency you’ll love coming home to.

Refreshing Breeze. Bottom sash slides open for fresh air.

Dependable Strength. Meeting rail is reinforced for maximum durability and strength.

Reliable Performance. Corrosion-resistant hardware allows the sash to open and close easily.

Weather Resistant and Secure. Dual action sash lock secures the window and tightly seals the sash against the weatherstripping creating an excellent thermal barrier.

Insect and Moisture-resistant. Weep system quickly directs water away and helps keep insects out to prevent damage to your home.

Secure Ventilation. Allow fresh air inside even when the window is closed and locked with the Insulair ventilation system.