Milgard Trinsic Window and Patio Door Installation in Lake City area

November 18, 2021

Recent Milgard Trinsic window and patio door installation in Lake City in Seattle, WA. This project featured Milgard Trinsic horizontal sliding windows, casement windows, picture windows, awning windows, single hung windows and sliding glass patio doors. Glass type was suncoat low e glass with white vinyl framing. The product also included Matelux obscure glass in at least 1 window. The product was installed with a nail fin using a siding and liner cut back installation method using 2 x 2 primed cedar exterior trim. On some windows, we also installed a new stool and apron using 1 x 6 pine and 1 x 3 pine.

For information on installing new Milgard Trinsic windows and doors in your home, please contact Sound View Window & Door at 206-402-4229 or email at

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