New Textured Glass Options from Simpson Doors

November 17, 2015

One of Sound View’s most popular door suppliers is Simpson, (we get calls from all over the country asking about their products) and they just announced the availability of two new textured glass options-Luminating and Mistlite.

When selecting a door, Simpson believes homeowners, architects, and builders should be able to personalize it to their exact specifications, and changing up the design of your glass is one of the most impactful ways to personalize a door.

Luminating and Mistlite are two new textured glass additions, available for all Simpson doors in every style category they offer. Luminating is described as “translucent glass with vertical grooves creating wave-like shadows and illuminations” and offers a privacy rating of 8. Mistlite is described as “translucent glass with a heavy frothy appearance” and also offers a privacy rating of 8.

You can also view all standard glass textures at a glance, in either a thumbnail or full-lite door format at Simpson’s Glass Options page. This page provides a quick and easy overview of the options available.

Simpson also offers Glass Taste Test, an interactive tool where you can see any door with any glass type, including the new Luminating and Mistlite options.  A link to that fun and handy web tool is included below:


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